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  • Bunion Surgery

    Non-Visible Scar Bunion SurgeryDr. Lee's innovative Non-Visible Scar Bunion Surgery is a time proven proprietary technique. See the difference and compare his surgical results from other surgeons. No wonder patient travel across the country and from outside the U.S. to experience this first hand.

    Bunion Surgery
  • Heel Pain

    Permanent Heel Pain relief in as little as 4 weeks...Not MONTHS!We offer comprehensive heel pain treatment including Pulse Wave Therapy™ (ESWT), a non-surgical treatment for plantarfasciitis which is scientifically as successful as surgery. Imagine no more pain FAST!

    Heel Pain / Plantar Fasciitis
  • Foot Restoration

    Restorative Foot Surgery™A Trade Mark concept developed by Dr. Lee which combines the best of reconstructive foot surgery with plastic/cosmetic surgery to bring you truly beautiful results.

    Restorative Foot Surgery
  • Testimonials

    "I am forever grateful for the life changing experience Dr. Lee gave me"Read what his patients, colleagues and staff say about Dr. Lee's caring, compassionate and precise practice.

  • Caring and Qualified

    Who is Dr. Lee?For more than 22 years Dr. David Lee- Surgeon & Pharmacist, has compassionately offered his expertise to the young and mature alike.

    Who is Dr. Lee?

Welcome to Arches Foot Institute in Surprise, AZ

The most advanced Cosmetic Foot Surgery in the North America, Asia and Europe.

Over 22 years of clinical practice and over 29 years of medical experience!

Learn about Restorative Foot Surgery™ techniques pioneered by nationally known surgeon, Dr. David Lee.

Dr. David Lee is the only podiatrist in Surprise, AZ that has specialized training in childhood foot surgery.

Dr. David Lee, specializes in: cosmetic bunion surgery, cosmetic hammertoe surgery, Restorative Foot Surgery™ for deformed feet, long toe surgery, short toe surgery, and brachymetatarsia surgery.

Discover how Dr. David Lee is different than the rest!

  • Proven virtually pain-free injections
  • No more tears visits for your kids. Gentle, patient and caring.
  • A doctor that LISTENS to you and spends TIME with you!
  • Available 24 hours on-call.
  • Surgery patients have access to a direct private line to Dr. Lee.
  • Thorough, concise explanations about your most difficult conditions.
(623) 328-8577

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Dr. David Lee has performed more than 350 Brachymetatarsia One Stage Surgery cases; more cases than any doctor in the United States!